Audio Visualization

Audio visualisation.

Flash and ActionScript 3.0

Lately I have been learning how to visualise data using ActionScript.  One of the most amazing things you can do is visualise audio.

You can be able to take any input to flash and let it analyse it, then you can decide what to do with that data.

Example 01 – Draw a line.

This example is using the microphone, so make sure you have one connected and make sure you allow Flash to connect to your microphone.

Example 02 – Circles

This example is just pulling a normal mp3 document form the web.  (   Flash is analysing the amplitude of the audio with the is transformed to a numerical value with will act as a radius for the circles.  Each circle is directly linked to a range of MHz, which then reacts to the amplitude as a radius.

Example 02a – Circles on a mask

This is exactly the same application of the previous exercise, but in this case I just placed a video feed as a background, just to have something more dynamic.  The circles now have a mask property, which makes the video visible only when the amplitude reacts to increase the radius of the mask circel

Here are other examples.


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