TrinkerMedia Wrestling Project (d)

TrinkerLogoInteractive Didactic Media.

Interface 01 – The Mask Spinner

Flash based mask catalog

Originally this interface was developed to define the main styles on wrestling masks. After defining the main styles, a basic image identity was developed for each one of the wrestlers presented.

The interface presents a “template” wrestler which appears with his tights on gray and without any mask. I have chosen 20 different masks. These 20 masks have been separated into their styles. There are three main styles. The traditional closed design and there are seven masks into this category. The second style is the open mouth style having three masks in this category. The last one is the japanese style, in which the nose and the mouth are uncovered. In this category there are two.

The masks spin in a circular way around the wrestler. The masks spin by using the left and right keys. There are three main rollover icons on the bottom defining the three main styles of the masks, when they are hovered, the mask spins to the front of the wrestler showing the user the style. When a mask is clicked, the masks spin until the mask that was clicked is placed in front of the face of the wrestler and the background with the visual mood of the wrestler is loaded on the background and the basic colour scheme is loaded into the main “template” character.

--> Click here to view interface <--

Interface 02 – VR Masks

Flash based virtual reality interfaces

Every wrestler has designed their mask with specific detail that can not be appreciated from a single image. That is why using virtual reality objects we can visualize entirely all the sides of the wrestler’s mask.

These elements allows the user to interact in order for him to appreciate better the masks. By default the interface presents an automatic rotation which can be turned off simply by pressing the space bar. The main interactivity works with a simple mouse, to spin the mask in a 360º rotation.

Since this application is Flash based, it can run on any computer, on the web, on mobile phones (except iPhone – currently udner development) and allows to interact with a touch-screen monitor to enhance the user’s experience.

Each interface contains the branding of each one of the characters.


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