Trinker Media Wrestling Project (digiart)

TrinkerLogoWrestling Digital Art


Flash based mosaic generated video output

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This interface uses any kind of video input which is recognized by the interface and then translated into a mosaic build from over 150 mask icons which act like pixels to generate the brand new image. This interface can be projected on a wall to be used as a wallpaper or can be displayed in any traditional monitor.

The interface contains over 160 wrestler masks icon and can be modified to increase the size of the mosaics.

Basically all you have to do is plug a camera into your computer and allow flash to access your camera.

To allow Flash access to the web cam, right-click on the interface and click on Settings.  On the bottom right side of the interface there is a web-cam icon, inside that menu you can pick the camera that you desire (your computer may have several pre-installed), and pick the USB Class Video.


Flash based animated wallpapers

These interfaces were designed to be projected onto a wall. The bigger the better!

Flash allows to use vector based drawings which means there will be no pixelation on the elements. Each one of the wallpapers contains the typography and visual elements to communicate the character’s essence into the ambience.


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Flash based Augmented Reality

This interface is based on Augmented Reality technology. The main purpose is to present several mask designs on the basic templates. The process is very similar to interface6, where a marker has to be placed to load a 3D object. In this case the marker is placed embedded to the mask and the pattern used as the marker will be part of the design of the mask. The user wearing the mask will present that pattern to the video input, loading the design rendered on 3D on top of the mask and of the user. This will allow us to introduce the user to the same perspective that the wrestlers have from the “inside” the mask.

Augmented Reality

Trinker//Javier Pereda

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